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    EFT LEVELS 1 & 2 for Psychological Trauma - Professional Training

    Wednesday May 23 – Friday May 25, 8:30am–6:30pm
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    EFT for psychological trauma
    Professional training course

    In English, with consecutive interpreting into French

    This training course will take place at the CISP - Room "Trichaud" - 6 avenue Maurice Ravel, 75012 Paris

    The topics covered in this workshop:

    • The Four Characteristics that Distinguish a Traumatic from a Non-traumatic event
    • Physiological Changes in Brain and Body Produced by Trauma
    • EP Techniques for Developmental, Preverbal, Prenatal and Complex Trauma
    • The Evolutionary Biology of the Stress Response
    • Turning Dissociation into a Therapeutic Ally
    • Lessons Gained from Clinical Trials of Tapping for PTSD
    • Video and Telemedicine for Traumatized Clients
    • Best Practice Consensus Guidelines for PTSD
    • Safety Considerations and Client Expectations
    • Can Coaches Work With Trauma? Scope of Practice and Ethical Guidelines
    • What EEG and MRI Scans Tell Us about the Traumatized Brain
    • Distortions to Memory and Recall, and Signs of Cognitive Shift

    This state-of-the-art training incorporates the latest research, especially biological studies of how body and brain are changed by trauma. It covers hard-to-treat conditions like preverbal and developmental trauma, and shows how to distinguish simple from complex PTSD. Many case histories as well as studies are presented, and participants receive 12 hours of hands-on practice time that includes demonstrations, exercises, and feedback. This course is essential for clinicians treating trauma, as well as preparing life coaches and teachers for the realities of working with unexpected manifestations of trauma in their clients.

    Attendance of this post-conference workshop fulfills the classroom training requirements for certification as an Energy Psychology practitioner. For information on the online classes and theoretical part of the training, see


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